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Hilleberg shelters are deliberately minimalist affairs. But a shelter’s minimalism can also offer intriguing possibilities. Some users find it a welcome and challenging experience to knowingly give up the security of a tent and use a shelter instead.

A Mesh Inner Tent, Mesh Ridge, or a Mesh Box, paired with a Tarp yields a remarkably light and versatile mild weather option. For supreme minimalism, a Tarp can be used on its own in many conditions. Both the Windsack and Bivanorak are well-suited to use as sleeping bag covers under a tarp or a in a snow cave (or in a tent), and the Bivanorak especially is an excellent bivy option. Using a shelter successfully is limited only by the user's creativity, knowledge, and willingness to rely on skill more than on equipment.


  • Minimal weather protection
  • Can be used with any of the Mesh shelters for bug protection
  • Tarp 10 sleeps 2; Tarp 20 sleeps 4+

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Mesh Tent 1

  • Insect Protection
  • Designed to pair exactly with the Tarp 5, and will work equally well with Tarp 10 and Tarp 20
  • Sleeps 1

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Mesh Inner Tents

  • Insect Protection
  • Can be used with Tarp for minimal weather protection or with complement models
  • Available in Akto, Allak, Anjan (2 & 3), Nallo (2,3 & 4), Nammatj (2 & 3), Rogen, Soulo, and Unna (shown) models

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Mesh Box & Mesh Ridge

  • Insect Protection
  • Designed to pair exactly with Tarp 10 (Mesh Ridge & Mesh Box 10) or Tarp 20 (Mesh Box 20)
  • Ridge sleeps 1 – 2; Mesh Box 10 sleeps 2; Mesh Box 20 sleeps 4+

Mesh BoxMesh Ridge


  • Waterproof/breathable fabric
  • Can be used as temporary or emergency shelter, or as rain gear
  • Will accommodate sleeping pad and bag for use as bivy bag

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  • Waterproof back, water repellent front
  • Can be used as temporary or emergency shelter for up to 3, or as tarp/windbreak
  • Will accommodate up to 3 sleeping pads and bags for use as bivy bag

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